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Saturday Jun 13 2009
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June 12
We arrived as the sun was rising in Auckland. The airport is right over the water, so it looked as if the plane was going to make a water landing. Had some minor issues in customs - I had to have my shoes washed (since I was near farm animals) and another student forgot to claim an apple (big biohazard no-no). We met Sean our guide outside the terminal and loaded onto a lovely bus driven by Wayne. We quickly left the city and headed into the beautiful farmland countryside. The terrian reminds me of a mixture of Ireland and Hawaii. Loads of green on top of volcanic mountains. We saw every color of cows and sheep. We went through the Waitomo Caves. The coolest feature was a llarva that glowed on the ceilings. The boat ride in the cave had some of us remembering parts of Harry Potter - but the ceiling was an amazing 3-D blue glowing lites. We arrived at our hotel and had enough time to shower and change (felt wonderful after 36+ hours of being in the same clothing - don't ask me how the bus smelled..). We enjoyed a traditional Hangi feast and show. Nate was elected our chief. Even the girls and guys had a chance to participate. It is now time for bed check but I think I will have to chase them out of the geothermally heated pool first. Everyone is doing great. They are great travelers!!!

Group Photo at HS


Chief Nate meeting Maori Chief


Poi Dancing


Preparing For War